In the spirit of true partnership between home, school and the community, we welcome your views. Whilst we always aim for high standards, sometimes things can go wrong or expectations are not met.

The vast majority of concerns can be resolved informally. It is in everyone’s best interests that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage. This can usually be achieved through discussion and good communication.


However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, a formal procedure would then need to be followed when attempts to resolve the issue are unsuccessful.

Complaint Procedure

Step 1:  First talk to the teacher most closely concerned to

clarify the facts and resolve through discussion;

Step 2:  If you feel that the issue has still not been resolved,

a request for discussion with a senior member of staff or the

Headteacher may be appropriate;

Step 3:  If you are not satisfied with the outcome at Step 1 and 2,

you may wish to make a formal complaint. This should be done

in writing to the Headteacher; 

Step 4:  Complaints rarely reach this formal level but should you

need to, you should make a formal complaint to the Chair of

Governors. This needs to be sent in a sealed envelope via the

school office; for the attention of the Chair of Governors.

Our Communications Flowchart may help with following the most

appropriate route, if you have a concern. Please see and click on

the image opposite for an enlarged version.

For further information about the complaints procedures,

please click here.


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