Welcome to Class 3/4

We’re a mixed class of Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils.

We love to learn in a way that is practical and engaging. Furthermore, we are dedicated on mastering the fundamental skills of times tables, spellings and sentence construction.


Alongside preparing for the SATs we believe in learning that develops skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and research.

We always take on an active role within school, in particular with school events, fundraisers and school initiatives; we also have house captains and sports leaders. We pride ourselves on being role models for the rest of the school and are always happy to show visitors around for a school tour.

We are taught by Mr Francksen, Miss Grist, Mr Hurkett and, occasionally, Mrs Singleton.

Miss A Piedade

Class 3/4 Teacher

Senior Teacher

Miss. J Grist

Academic Coach

Mr. L Hurkett

Academic Coach

What are we learning about?

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