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We are a school committed to wellbeing.


Good mental health is fundamental to be able to thrive in life. If we’re not tackling mental health problems early, then we risk failing the next generation right at the start of their lives.


At Crawford's, we believe in putting emotional wellbeing at the heart of the school curriculum. We have done this by re-balancing the curriculum by giving health and wellbeing the same importance as literacy and numeracy, and creating a mentally healthy school where pupils and teachers can thrive. 


The top priority for our school is the health and wellbeing of our pupils. 


There are several links below, which provide guidance and support with numerous facets of mental health. The first link includes specific details about the Suffolk Emotional Wellbeing Hub. This is a relatively new service (2018), which enables anyone to make referrals about children of concern. This could and would likely include children that may be suffering from anxiety, stress or who may be experiencing obsessive behaviours.



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